Kids Climbing School

Designed for home-schooled students ages 5 and up. 

Course Description and Purpose

The art and practice of rock climbing: safety, techniques, skill development, and application.

Course Objectives

To develop an understanding of the safety and technical aspects of climbing.
To provide an environment for personal enhancement of skill and self-confidence through the challenging activity of rock climbing.
To build a safe and confidant foundation for the development of a lifelong pursuit of climbing.

Fall Semester

Classes 14-week classes: $165 (min of 5) (tax not included)
Enrollment opens in August. Classes start in September

  • NORMAN: Monday 11:00am-12:00pm (ages 5-7)
  • NORMAN: Monday 11:00am-12:00pm (ages 8+)
  • NORMAN: Monday *2:30-3:30pm (ages 8+) -Level 2 Course
    Weekly indoor climbing sessions includes all climbing related gear for indoor climbing. All participants must complete a waiver of liability. Course is taught by Certified Climbing Wall Instructor.

Space is limited! Enroll today!

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Why Climbing?

  • Climbing goes beyond just the fitness benefits of strength, balance, and body awareness.
  • Climbing encourages focus, determination, conquering fear & overcoming challenges.
  • Climbing builds confidence and encourages self-reliability.
  • Climbing instills goal-setting and encourages perseverance to attain goals.
  • Climbing promotes problem-solving skills.
  • Climbing fosters a love for adventure & outdoors!