Saturday, July 28

NBC 20th Anniversary

This is the 20 year anniversary of the Norman Bouldering Competition and this year we are partnering with the State Games of Oklahoma to make the event even better. Medals will be awarded to the top finishers in each category. 


Pre-registration is open until July 20th. Price goes up $5 after that. Price includes an event shirt.

$25 - Climb Up members
$35 - Non-members




Saturday, July 28

Session 1
9:00 am - Check-in and day-of registration for Youth competitors
9:30 am - Volunteer meeting
9:45 am - Competitor meeting
10:00 am - Climbing begins
1:00 pm - Climbing ends
1:30 pm - Raffle and Awards

Session 2
2:00 pm - Check-in and day-of registration for adult/skill categories
2:30 pm - Volunteer meeting
2:45 pm - Competitor meeting
3:00 pm - Climbing begins
6:00 pm - Climbing ends
6:30 pm - Raffle and Awards for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced categories
7:00 pm - Finals round for Open category finalists. Awards to follow. 



Session 1: Youth D - born 2008 or later*
Session 1: Youth C -  born 2006 or 2007
Session 1: Youth B - born 2004 or 2005
Session 1: Youth A - born 2002 or 2003
*Not recommended for children under 7 due to "reach" constraints. 

Session 2: Recreational - V1
Session 2: Intermediate - V2 - V3
Session 2: Advanced - V4 +
Session 2: Masters - 45 years of age or older
Session 2: Open - Elite climbers 16 years and older

Note: Climbers ages 14-16 can elect to climb in either Session 1 as a youth climber OR in Session 2 in a skill category. 



"This is the 20th anniversary of the Norman Bouldering Competition. The NBC began in 1998 and is one of the longest running community bouldering competitions in the USA. The competition began in the garages, laundry rooms, attics, and backyards on homemade climbing walls in Norman, Oklahoma. The original concept of the NBC was to host a very local competition among friends. The popularity of the event grew over the years and some years we would see as many as 80 competitors hanging out in my Mom's backyard climbing on a homemade wall. We we started the event, bouldering competitions weren't really a 'thing.'  Sure, there was the Phoenix Bouldering Contest but that was outdoors and on a completely different scale. Every once in a while some gym might piece together a bouldering event but for the most part, competitions back then were reserved for roped-climbing terrain. Having a local bouldering competition in home-gyms was making the best of what we had and really brought with a close sense of community and enjoyability.  We were lucky enough to drum-up a few give-aways for prizes but the biggest draw were the free sandwiches we used to score from Subway!  

Twenty years on and the event has evolved quite a bit - in part to keep up with the times - partly because it'd be a hard-sell to get people to compete in a garage-gym these days. This year's competition we have partnered with the State Games of Oklahoma who have been great partners on past events. There will be medals for the top placers in each category and t-shirts. 

From a routesetting point of view, we are going to pull out all the stops, and get as creative as we can. We hope you will join us for this year's commemorative event." 

~Aaron G

 Check out that original artwork I did!

Check out that original artwork I did!