Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, and supporters of the Winter Games.

Final Scores are posted HERE

Photos coming soon!


CHECK IN: 9:00am - 9:30am (all climbers & volunteers)
RULES MEETING: 9:45am (climbers must attend)
Competition Start Time: 10:00am
Competition End Time: 1:00pm

**Food Truck will be on sight during the event!

Youth, Adult, and Collegiate Team Divisions

Climbers earn points based on the height and/or difficulty of routes. More difficult and longer climbs have higher point values. There may be intermittent "scored" holds for progressive credit with the highest point values earned upon reaching the top of a climb without falls (or hangs).

Total points of all routes climbed will be tallied for a climber’s final score -
so the more climbing one does the higher their score.
Routes will be top-rope, lead (for qualified climbers/categories), and auto-belays.

Youth Categories (by birth-year, male and female for each):
*Youth A: those born after January 27, 2000 through 2002
Youth B: those born 2003 - 2004
Youth C: those born 2005 - 2006
Youth D: those born 2007 - 2008
Youth E: those born 2009 - 2010

*Note: Youth age 16 and older have the option compete in either the youth category or the adult category.

Adult Categories (male and female for each):
Novice: 5.6 - 5.8
Intermediate: 5.8 - 5.10
Advanced: 5.10 and up
Masters (age 40+): age-based, all levels
Senior (age 60+): age-based, all levels

Collegiate team - must have minimum of 3 participants from the same college. Participants are scored first as individuals then scores combined for team ranking. 

State Games of Oklahoma Summer 2017 - Report

Youth Scores Posted Here

Adult Scores Posted Here (includes Collegiate)


The State Games of Oklahoma, Summer season, was held Saturday, August 26 at Climb Up in Norman. The competition took place in two phases with the youth categories climbing first and the adult categories climbing in the afternoon. 

This competition was a hybrid-Olympic format style competition, the first of its kind. It combined three disciplines of climbing; speed, bouldering, and top-rope/lead for a combined final score. All of this was an open format ("redpoint style") where competitors selected the climbs they wished to attempt (from a pool of climbs), and the order in which they wish to attempt them. 

Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, staff, and State Games organization that helped make this event possible. Congratulations to the medalists! Photos and more to be posted.



State Games - Bouldering 2017

Final Results

We would like to sincerely thank the competitors, volunteers, staff and the Oklahoma City All Sports Association for the opportunity to make this a successful event. Looking forward to the Summer Games later this year! 

Final results for the State Games of Oklahoma Bouldering Competition are posted below.

Youth Session Results

Adult Session Results

Note: Ties were decided by counting the attempts within the five boulder problems scored, less attempts received the higher rank. The 4th place tie in Female Youth D remained as the cards were equal in attempts.


Saturday, Jan 28

The Oklahoma State Games Bouldering Competition at Climb Up in Norman is an indoor rock climbing event open to amateur climbers of all ages and abilities. The competition will be a single session “redpoint” format where climbers get to pick which climbs they attempt. Points are earned upon completion of a climb with more difficult climbs being worth more points. A competitor’s top five best/ hardest climbs are summed for their final score. 

Register Here


$40 Entry fee
Each participant will receive an event shirt

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